Good Luck Team PEI!

+ Posted by Tim - 06/11/2015

Good luck to everyone on Team PEI at the Nationals in St. Catharines!
Hope you have safe travels, a pleasant stay and some great darts!
Team PEI for 2015 is:
Mary Thomson, Vicki Cooper, Melvina Pasher, Shirley Hickox, Mary Waite, Kathy Coyle, Margo MacRae, and Aimme Brightly for the ladies.
Darren MacNevin, James Madsen, Rick Bernard, JD Smith, Carl Smith, Mark Buchanan, Jeremy Stretch, and Perry Morrell for the men.

Prince Edward Island Thanks You!

+ Posted by Tim - 04/13/2015

On behalf of the Darts PEI executive we would like to thank all participants that made our Prince Edward Island rank shoot such a huge success this past weekend. We can't express enough how much we appreciate the support from off island. The numbers this weekend were huge.
Again we want to thank you as we look forward to the next one in September.
Thank you,

Ladies Singles results from Sunday:
First Place - Joanne Luke
Second Place - Jeanette Bear
Joint Third - Mel Pasher
Joint Third - Shelby Brushett
Joint Fifth - Larissa Boone
Joint Fifth - Tammy Perry
Joint Fifth - Mylene Vautour

Men's Singles results from Sunday:
First Place - Dave Cameron
Second Place - Bobby Fougere
Joint Third - Lewis P Francis
Joint Third - Willie MacIsaac
Joint Fifth - Darren Bailey
Joint Fifth - Adam Stella
Joint Fifth - Jerry Myles
Joint Fifth - Alan Bent

Mixed Triples results from Saturday Afternoon:
First Place - Sheldon Fudge, Tammy Pottie, Dave Cameron
Second Place - Lewis P Francis, Gloria Brushett, Chester Mackenzie
Joint Third - Steven Vautour, Francine LeBlanc, Kerry Way
Joint Third - Alan Bent, Kim Bent, Robert Campbell
Joint Fifth - Darren MacNevin, Shirley Hickox, Mike Roberts
Joint Fifth - Gordie Pashkosla, Anne Moore, Danny B
Joint Fifth - Johnathan Gray, Christina Joy, Neal DeVine

Mixed Doubles results from yesterday:
First Place - Adam Stella and Gloria Brushett
Second Place - Joey Gallant and Christina Joy (Mill)
Joint Third - Darren MacNevin and Mel Pasher
Joint Third - Kerry Way and Shelby Brushett
Joint Fifth - Steve Vautour and Mylene Vautour
Joint Fifth - Dave Cameron and Norma Strong

This is a Ranking Tournament organized by the Sharpshooters Association and sanctioned by the NDFC. All times are approximate. Registration closes 15 minutes prior to each event. Players suspended by the end WDF or the NDFC are unable to play in these events. All events to be modified round robin to a knockout round. Tournament Director's decision is final. For more information contact Heidi Duchesne at 902-628-7258 or email her at